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grads and dads

Summer is finally here! And now, with Memorial Day behind us, it’s high time to start celebrating grads and dads! Here’s our fave picks that work for either type of giftee in your life.
grads and dads
-ConGRADulate your grad with a colorful card from our new line – Eyedore! These paper eye candies feature brightly painted washes printed on watercolor paper and topped off with rainbow foil. Perhaps you’ll find something perfect not-Sent-from-the-iPhone for Father’s Day as well?
-An elegant pen is handy for doing those crossword puzzles AND signing beautiful cards. Can’t go wrong with a classic like Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Le Grand.
-Wearable tech is all the rage, and it’s no wonder, since having a more complete workout picture behoves everyone – from graduate to grandparent. Now you can track your calories, distance, duration, pace and split time with the comfortable Under Armor Speedform Gemini 2. The best part? You can leave you phone back at home.
-A good messenger bag is a must for a job seeker AND a busy father. Sons of Trade makes a killer light-weight lined-felt version that we covet for its military vibe that compliments many an ensemble.
-Finally, is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a tasty treat? For dads and grads that like it hot (you know the type) Mouth offers A Hot Stuff Taster that’s not for the faint of tongue.

Letter from New York

Dear You,

It’s been a while since we wrote. I’m choosing this moment in April – national letter-writing and poetry month – to send a few words from New York. I still consider it my home, and when Spring rolls around, there’s just no place like it. I admit to being somewhat reluctant about leaving warm & sunny Los angeles, but all was forgotten with the first sight of Central Park. A stroll through its tender, fresh blossoms, undamaged by the lingering cold, can cure any travel weariness!

Remember A Poem as Big as New York City, the book I illustrated? The words were written by little children from every corner of this infectious kaleidoscope of a city, and they seem most appropriate at a time like this. Because, along with the glories of Central Park, I also relish discovering new things in familiar corners. Each time I visit with favorite clients like MoMA and Saks, I find something different – who knew there was a space as magical as Mariani Fine Minerals on the Upper East Side? One specimen of their rare and exquisite crystals on display even matched the color palette of a Degas painting from the current MOMA show. You’d be blown away!

Further downtown in the West Village, I stumbled upon Calliope, another oasis of beautifully curated objects. It took a lot of will power not to bring all of them home. Another stop on my wander list was the new Whitney Museum, with its breathtaking panoramas of the city (and some fine American art, by the way). In the words of Charlie Parker, “Beautiful is the world, slow is one to take advantage.” 
Wish you were here. I’m sending you a few photos in the meantime.
Your girl,
(Write me)
Our Castle Monster at home on the Highline.

central park new york
Central Park

crystals new yorkcrystals new york
A few of the unbelievable specimens from Mariani Fine Minerals

calliope shop new york
Cozy Calliope – photo by Josh Rubin for CoolHunting

spring garbage new york
Even NYC garbage is pretty in the spring.

Gift Ideas for your Valentine

Looking for gift ideas for your valentine (or for yourself)? An ideal Valentine’s Day present must check a few boxes: Like on any holiday, it needs to be thoughtful and heartfelt; it also needs to align with whatever relationship stage you and your giftee are at; and it has to have that special touch of romance. But above all, it’s the unexpectedness that truly makes a gift stand out. Check out some of our Love Day picks below.
Gift Ideas for your Valentine
1. Pamper those sexy lips with little sweets that provide protection from the sun. TONYMOLY Mini Lip Balm SPF 15.

2. Forget the heart-shaped box of ordinary chocolate; Care for the health and tastebuds of your beloved with these eatingEvolved coconut butter cups that miraculously have only five ingredients — coconut, cacao, cacao butter, coconut sugar, and Himalayan sea salt — and have to be tasted to be believed.

3. If love is a journey to self-knowledge, here’s something fascinatingly intimate. 23andMe offers an easy at home test kit to decode one’s traits and ancestry. That is if your giftee is into that kind of thing.

4. Adopt an adorable plant even those without a green thumb can maintain.

5. A Driftwood docking station brings an elegant woodland touch to the indoor life. We think that nature and romance always go together.

6. How about something spicy to touch your love’s lips over and over? Our Hot Stuff mug can be ordered on any charged device from

7. If you love writing more than texts, consider our LoveLand puzzle cards. You can spread your message over 8 love letters that complete a fairyland scene – how romantic is that?


colorful cards and elegant gifts

For our second part of this holiday gift guide, we thought we’d pair some the newest of Masha’s colorful holiday cards with items of limited color palette. After all, elegant things in classic tones suit everyone and go with everything! Find some quick gift inspo below and don’t forget to pick up Masha cards for a joyful contrast, be it for a lady or a dude on your list. Hurry and greet like it’s going out of style! (It’s not, though.)

Colorful cards and elegant gifts from Masha D'yans

1. Pick up this charming hat at Barneys (at a discount, no less!!) and the Christmas Hood card in our shop!

2. We think the glittery envelope (ENVELOPE!!) clutch from Rebecca Minkoff would go nicely with our twinkly Ballerina Snowflakes, n’est-pas?

3. Find this rad mug here and pair it with our Watercolor Ornaments.

4. Chances are, the one you’re shopping for probably already has a black scarf (and maybe even a navy one), so why not add to the collection with a chill olive hue? ‘Tis the season for many scarfs, after all as our Christmas Mountains Bird card would suggest.

Colorful cards and elegant gifts for all!


giving thanks and gathering gifts

As we approach the holiday season, we reflect upon all things warm, cozy and awesome. Besides being eternally thankful for family and great friends, we’re especially grateful this year for the opportunity to travel for work, leisure and endless inspiration! It seems doubly poignant to wander as the world is rapidly changing, and not always for the best. On the bright side, here’s a curated list of some color-saturated gifts we found while traversing the globe. Before perusing the goodies below, have you downloaded the Story Corps app? You can help make history by interviewing an elder this Thanksgiving and submitting it directly to their world archive – learn more here: Sounds super cool to thanks and gathering gifts around the globe

1. Don’t know about you but here at Masha headquarters we can’t get through the day without many cups of tea. The storied French brand Marriage Freres offers some of the best in the most swoon-worthy giftable packaging. Hello irresistable neon canisters!
2. We’re obsessed with all things tasseled and colorful, Columbia Wayuu tribe bags hit the spot with beautiful color-block weaves.
3. Let’s transport to Japan through the beautiful skincare line Tatcha, inspired by the beauty rituals of Geishas and boasting natural ingredients that are exquisitely packaged. Yes please!
4. Our 2016 calendar, printed here in USA and distributed by Rizzoli, features #watercolormischief for all 525600 minutes of the year.
5. In Tulum, Mexico we stumbled upon a hidden beach gem – Coqui Coqui, a perfumery and a dreamy boutique hotel. You can find their delicious scents here.
6. We love the playful eyewear from the Croatian brand Sheriff & Cherry, especially their color block sunnies.

In Masha News: Saks + MoMA

A couple of good Masha news for you this week! Her brand new card for MoMA is in stores. For this season, Masha designed a pop-up Modern Chalet nestled in a snowy mountain lake scene. The best part (besides the 3-d reflection in the steely water)? The neon orange printing on the inside that quite literally lights up the windows, skylight and the mountains. The pictures don’t really do the alpenglow effect justice (yes we’ve been waiting for an occasion to use the word alpenglow) so please check this enchanting card in stores in person or in MoMA shop online along with other feats of paper engineering from Masha.

If it’s watercolor mischief you’re looking to share these holidays, Saks Fifth Avenue already has our brand new holiday cards available in mixed sets. You get one of each in a box for all your gifting needs. Check out the new designs as well as some classic remixes online and in the New York flagship. Happy greeting!

New Masha holiday cards. IN MASHA NEWS: SAKS + MOMA



New Card and Summer Florals!

If you’re anything like us, you’re somewhat obsessed with nature’s rainbow of blooms, large and small, bombastic and delicate, as one of summer season’s biggest thrills. We are pleased as posies to share our newest greeting card on this fine day right before the 4th of July festivities! Adore Flowers boasts spell-bindingly kaleidoscopic summer florals with a simply exuberant sentiment, fit for any happy occasion or fashionable kudos. This beauty is blank inside for your writing pleasure and imagination (with art like this, no exclamation points necessary). It’s available immediately to brighten your adored recipient’s day.
Adore Flowers - summer watercolor greeting card by Masha D'yans

Take a look at our other fun floral offerings that spell summer in rich watercolor mischief hues. Style them with flowery fashion and real flowers, of course! Why not celebrate Independence Day with some floral fireworks? Boom!
Masha's Floral Fireworks Mix

Clockwise from top:

Smell the balmy tropics with our Mahalo Dancer thank you card $4

Turn up the heat with magnificent Snapdragons from $50

Show off your floral fierceness with our Botanicus Tiger birthday card $4

Bring the summer indoors with a fun paper garland from Terrain $14

Face the flowers with our Animal Flower Face $4

Table the garden with a sweet terrarium from Terrain $48

Awesomeness in card form is our best-selling Awesome Flowers $4

Tower above it all yet join in the blooming in these printed leather booties from Jeffrey Campbell $169

Gifts for Mom

On a quest to find the best gifts for mom? With Mother’s Day around the corner we’ve rounded up some of our current favorites that a modern mama might enjoy. Because gift giving can be a bit of a pickle, especially for a parent. Luckily all the goodies below are available to order online – no frantic running around necessary!
gifts for mom

Instead of 1 card give her 12, for year-round note writing pleasure! Masha D’yans Twelve Months Set, $24 | Ren Serum, $65 is formulated to support the improvement of skin elasticity, smoothness, and decrease the appearance of wrinkles without harmful chemicals – yes please. | Quilted Pot Flowering Oregano, $58 is a fresh take on a spring bouquet that lasts. | Best Mom Tea Towel, $11.95 can double as a gift wrap, furoshiki-style! | Spring pastel Gilded Chocolates, $25 are guaranteed to delight the senses (and maybe she’ll share with you?) | Stache & Hyde Williamsburg Black StacheBook for iPad, $95 keeps things simply elegant, n’est-pas?

fun with Masha fabric

Chances are you probably heard that we’ve been making #watercolormischief in fiber form with the fabulous Seattle-based Clothworks, who focus on premium quality quilting cotton fabrics masterfully printed in Europe. Look for them in independent quilt and fabric shops all over the United States and internationally. This week we thought we’d highlight the creativity of some of our awesome fabric customers. There are few things as exciting or gratifying as seeing your artwork take on another form and a whole new life. Sew… let’s check out fun with Masha fabric!

This lovely throw pillow was made in the Check Republic using our doodle pattern, found here.
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Objects of Desire: My Bunny Valentine

It’s time for another Objects of Desire post, and this one is extra fluffy! In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we’re going all out cute here on, styling our best selling bunny valentine, with enough sweet little nothings to get you thinking about how you’re planning to celebrate in two short weeks. Just enough time to grab some of these pretties below. Happy cuddling!
Masha Objects of Desire: Bunny Valentine

1. To set the mood to a cotton-candy shade of cute, pick up some watercolor mischief in “Heart Holding Bunny” by Masha D’yans. Available for $4 or a set of 8 for $16, in our shop.

2. Do the words Silk Chiffon Ruched Suspenders tickle your big ears? Mimi Holiday, $45 at

3. Nothing says ‘I care’ like real love. Adopt an IRL Bunny Valentine, a darling pet from organizations like

4. Only the best for your sweetheart’s sweet tooth. “Les Marquis” Chocolate Bonbons, from $35 at

5. Wear your wild heart out, Masha style. Love Surrounds tee, $38, available here.

6. Bathe them in hearts of pure essential oils, milled using organic ingredients. Rose, Geranium and Jasmine pebble soap set by Bamford, $45.00, available at Net-a-Porter.