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In 2003, artist Masha D’yans started a greeting card line to feature her watercolor works. Inspired by nature, fairy tales, Japan, and her refusal to grow up, these cards quickly caught the attention of taste-makers like Barneys NY and Louis Boston. Today, her cards, products and picture books are found in shops around the United States and abroad. With contributions from Masha’s rebel artist & fashion designer mom, Masha D’yans Design offers sendable art and more for playful free-thinkers. We like to think of it as #watercolormischief.



What am I looking at?
Thank you for asking! My work is mostly created with watercolors and the occasional digital wizardry, sometimes with contributions from my fashion designer mom.

How did you get your mad skills?
I come from three generations of kick-ass female artists. I also picked up some tips and tricks from a few rigorous schools: life (aka The School of), St. Petersburg Academic Art Lyceum, and the Cooper Union in NY, from which I hold a BFA. The rest, of course, was patched together from the internet.

What’s that, um, delightful accent?
I spent my first thirteen years in the Soviet Union honing said accent.

Hey, where are you?
My studio is currently in Los Angeles, with a warehouse on the east coast.
 Wherever you are in the US, you will receive your cards in a few business days after placing an order.

Can I order from overseas?
Of course! We know international shipping is pricey so we can make it worth your while with some complimentary product of our choice.

Can I print your illustration on my invite/logo/party favor/ransom note?
We are honered to be asked but not at this time.

Can I tattoo your image(s) on myself?
By all means! And if you send us pics there’s a gift in it for you.

Is it you, Moshe Dayan or at least related?
Sorry, no.

Should I feel green-guilt when buying your cards?
Nope! The cards are printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper and are assembled here in the U.S. (Hello, jobs!) Plus, they are 100% recyclable! You can also high-five yourself for having great taste and for supporting independent artists.

Can I tell you what I think?
Yes! We love hearing about us ;).

Tea or coffee?
Tea 4evah!

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[email protected]

HAP Consulting

Red Fox Literary

Australia: Spirit Publishing
Canada: Paper e. clips
Finland: Karto Oy

Please use the contacts below if you wish to sell or purchase our products other than cards.

Andrews McMeel – Masha puzzle books

Clothworks – Masha textiles
[email protected]

FAB/Starpoint – Masha school supplies, notebooks, bags

KA&F – Masha tote bags
[email protected]

MoMA – Masha pop-up cards

Rizzoli – Masha calendars, books

Scholastic Press – Masha’s picture book ‘Razzle-Dazzle Ruby’

Trends International – Masha bookmarks and pens
[email protected]