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colorful cards and elegant gifts

For our second part of this holiday gift guide, we thought we’d pair some the newest of Masha’s colorful holiday cards with items of limited color palette. After all, elegant things in classic tones suit everyone and go with everything! Find some quick gift inspo below and don’t forget to pick up Masha cards for a joyful contrast, be it for a lady or a dude on your list. Hurry and greet like it’s going out of style! (It’s not, though.)

Colorful cards and elegant gifts from Masha D'yans

1. Pick up this charming hat at Barneys (at a discount, no less!!) and the Christmas Hood card in our shop!

2. We think the glittery envelope (ENVELOPE!!) clutch from Rebecca Minkoff would go nicely with our twinkly Ballerina Snowflakes, n’est-pas?

3. Find this rad mug here and pair it with our Watercolor Ornaments.

4. Chances are, the one you’re shopping for probably already has a black scarf (and maybe even a navy one), so why not add to the collection with a chill olive hue? ‘Tis the season for many scarfs, after all as our Christmas Mountains Bird card would suggest.

Colorful cards and elegant gifts for all!