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Gift Ideas for your Valentine

Looking for gift ideas for your valentine (or for yourself)? An ideal Valentine’s Day present must check a few boxes: Like on any holiday, it needs to be thoughtful and heartfelt; it also needs to align with whatever relationship stage you and your giftee are at; and it has to have that special touch of romance. But above all, it’s the unexpectedness that truly makes a gift stand out. Check out some of our Love Day picks below.
Gift Ideas for your Valentine
1. Pamper those sexy lips with little sweets that provide protection from the sun. TONYMOLY Mini Lip Balm SPF 15.

2. Forget the heart-shaped box of ordinary chocolate; Care for the health and tastebuds of your beloved with these eatingEvolved coconut butter cups that miraculously have only five ingredients — coconut, cacao, cacao butter, coconut sugar, and Himalayan sea salt — and have to be tasted to be believed.

3. If love is a journey to self-knowledge, here’s something fascinatingly intimate. 23andMe offers an easy at home test kit to decode one’s traits and ancestry. That is if your giftee is into that kind of thing.

4. Adopt an adorable plant even those without a green thumb can maintain.

5. A Driftwood docking station brings an elegant woodland touch to the indoor life. We think that nature and romance always go together.

6. How about something spicy to touch your love’s lips over and over? Our Hot Stuff mug can be ordered on any charged device from

7. If you love writing more than texts, consider our LoveLand puzzle cards. You can spread your message over 8 love letters that complete a fairyland scene – how romantic is that?