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Get Excited for New Spring Greeting Cards!

Look out your window! Now squint a bit… look closer… what do you see?

Buds! Blossoms! Little green shoots! Life!

It’s time to get excited for Spring, don’t you think? It’s a lush, vibrant time to open up the windows and let your tendrils stretch out and discover new friends, refresh connections with old ones, and breathe in some of that dewy, decadent sunshiny breeze.

And you can’t forget about all of the holidays we get to celebrate — St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, and even April Fool’s Day deserve a little greeting card love!

These vibrant spring greeting cards are just a small selection from our 35 brand new, freshly-added designs! Each come with our gorgeous new envelopes stamped in elegant metallic ink. Browse through a few and send a little Spring in the mail!

 Spring Greeting Card Unicorn Field BDay

Unicorn Field Birthday

Gallop out of winter and dance into Spring! This joyful watercolor card is sure to add a lot of whimsy to anyone’s birthday.

Stronger Tree

Nature is often a much-needed medicine, and the Stronger Tree is a good reminder of that. This lush, hopeful card is the perfect way to lift up someone who might need a bit of a boost.

 Spring Greeting Cards Honeyeater Thanks

Honeyeater Thanks

This little honeyeater bird is ready for the sweet flowers of Spring! Send him along to say “Thank You” to someone you love.

 Spring Greeting Cards Health Potion

Health Potion

Sprigs and roots, bubbles and petals… this Health Potion card is a lovely reminder of both the healing powers of nature and the healing powers of correspondence.

Spring Greeting Card Horses Field

Spring Greeting Card Horses Field

Horses In the Field

Spring’s all about new beginnings, blooms, and the sun poking through clouds – definitely things to frolic about! Let these happy horses prance into someone’s heart!

These five Spring greeting cards are only a few petals in a garden of whimsical watercolor fun. Be sure to browse the shop to find new favorites! We hope that this post finds you with the sun shining through your windows and that warm days are on your horizon!


It’s the Year of the Dog!

2018 arrived a while ago, but the new beginnings are still sashaying in! On February 16th, the Chinese culture ushers in its New Year — and this year is the Year of the Dog.

All across our blue and green globe, families who celebrate the Chinese New Year eat copious amounts of food, open lucky red envelopes, marvel at vibrant parades and paper lanterns, and sweep the bad luck right out of their homes.

Each year is represented by 1 of 12 traditional animals, each with their own characteristic symbolism. The dog is known for its fierce loyalty and honesty — the makings of a truly good friend! With kindness and an inherently friendly nature, it’s a lovely thing to have a “dog” in your life. Additionally, it’s believed that having a child in Dog year is super-lucky, with the child enjoying a long life! So, we thought it’d be fun to kick of the Year of the Dog and share some peppy pooches from Masha’s collection.

Balloon Dog Year of the Dog

Balloon Dog

Full of warm wishes, dizzying bubbly, and decadent treats, a good birthday can send you soaring above the clouds. Might as well bring man’s best friend along! This card is an enchanting way to send a “birthday bow-wow!” to someone you love.

Poppy Puppy Year of the Dog

Poppy Pup

Let this pretty pup help you send a little love! This charming card lets you know that love doesn’t have to be a fancy affair… sometimes a frolic through the flowers is all it takes!

Winter Girl and Dog Year of the Dog

Wintergirl and Dog

A snap in the air, icicles twinkling with a moment of sun, and just enough snow to build your own private winter palace… it’s the perfect time to have your best friend by your side. Let someone know you’d like to snuggle up and wonder at the world with this whimsical watercolor card.

We wish you all a happy, friendly, Year of the Dog!

5 Romantic Movies to Snuggle Up to This Valentine’s Day

Candy packages are turning pink (and whispering sultry pleas for you to snag them from the shelves), so we think it’s the perfect time to grab a box of chocolate (and of course a bottle of wine) and snuggle up with one of these five hopelessly romantic movies.


In The Mood For Love -- Block 2 Pictures

In The Mood For Love — Block 2 Pictures

In the Mood for Love

Lush colors, an unforgettable score, and some simply fabulous 1960s costumes make In the Mood for Love a treat for the senses. The stunning emotional detail and smoldering secret glances will hook you as you follow the romance of two neighbors, brought together by their spouses’ infidelities.


Romantic Movies -- Valley Girl

Valley Girl — Atlantic Releasing Corp.

Valley Girl

Sometimes you’ve just got to throw on a pair of leg warmers and get lost in an 80s romance! This quirky punk-rock-rom-drom from 1983 takes the typical “romance from the wrong side of the tracks” storyline and give it a “like, totally tubular” twist. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a super-young Nicolas Cage, right?


Romantic Movies -- Amelie

Amelie — Miramax Films


Hypnotising French dialogue, over-saturated colors, and a sweet, charming love story — Amelie is the cinematic equivalent of cracking into a decadent creme brulee. Follow Amelie — a kind-hearted misfit in Paris — as she helps others, indulges in life, and finds love.


An Affair to Remember - 20th Century Fox

An Affair to Remember – 20th Century Fox

An Affair to Remember

Remember the movie Rosie O’Donnell and Meg Ryan gush over in Sleepless In Seattle? This is that film. Two people fall in love as they cross the ocean, then agree to meet again at the top of the Empire State Building. Classic, romantic, and full of style.


Strictly Ballroom Romantic Movies

Strictly Ballroom — Miramax Films

Strictly Ballroom

Baz Luhrmann (who wrote and directed Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge) got his start with this 1992 Australian film… and it’s easy to see where his whimsical style began. Dancing, dreamy fantasy, lively music — all tangled up into a passionate romance. Watch a rebel dancer change the landscape of local competitive dance, all while he falls in love with an unlikely partner.

We hope you’ve popped some love in the mail and are having a cozy February! 

Now, go on… get romantic, and snuggle up!


Wellness Through Greeting Cards

Still working on those New Year’s resolutions? We know — we’re forever chasing those elusive “self-care” goals, too. We also know that personal wellness can mean a lot of different things!



Is it a tall, vibrant green glass of juice? An invigorating pilates sweat-sesh? A calming meditation in your favorite quiet corner?


These (of course, fantastic) methods are familiar — we know that juicing, pilates, and meditation can provide a boost to our mood and health… but what about placing a pen to deliciously-thick paper? Sighing over vibrant artwork — a swash of fuschia or hopeful spring green — before your pen scritch-scratches a message that promises an unexpected smile?


Greeting Cards as Self-Care

Taking a few thoughtful moments to send a greeting card is self-care taken to the next level — it provides a warm boost for both the recipient and the sender.

Think about what it takes to write and send a card. You must stop fixating on things like work or laundry, recall feelings of a specific person, and give a bit of yourself to the page as you craft a small gift of meaningful words. There’s a hypnotic beauty to this, and it becomes a bit of a meditation in itself.

Roland Jouvent, in an article on handwriting for The Guardian, recognizes the romance of the hand-written word:

“There is an element of dancing when we write, a melody in the message, which adds emotion to the text.”

A Win for Wellness


There are many reasons to send a card, especially in times where sympathy and reassurance is needed. In those instances, a card with an intimate, personal touch will make a profound impact.

But there’s no need to wait for a momentous occasion — a simple, “How are your New Year’s resolutions coming?” is a great way to provide motivation to a friend who needs a little pick-me-up. And when you send a pick-me-up, you might be surprised at how refreshed you feel yourself.

Such a nice self-care win/win!

Hello, Valentine’s Day!

January may be in full swing with its blustery winds and frigid nights, but here at Masha D’yans Designs, we know the warmth of Valentine’s Day is just around the bend.

How comforting it is to have this gem of a holiday nestled up cozily in the coldest months of the year, providing a quick pick-me-up of connection and togetherness!  

We’ve got an eye-catching bouquet of new cards on our website, many of them a lovely fit for Valentine’s Day.A bouquet of Valentine's Day watercolor cards!

Watercolor Cards for Valentine’s Day

Take “A Rose from Bat,” for instance. Send this spunky Valentine’s Day card for a little romance with a whimsical twist, or simply let an old friend know you’d like to wish them well. Our little bat friend is all about spreading the love, no matter the recipient.

A bat with a rose for Valentine's Day.

Or our “Bleeding Hearts Bunny,” combining the stunning romantic charm inherently found in nature with a little bit of magic, characteristic of Masha D’yans’ enchanting style. A bunny with beautiful bleeding hearts for Valentine's Day.

Petals Dragonfly” is a versatile card, full of softness, and a gentle reminder of the delicate nature of love. With its pastoral feel and quiet, multifaceted meaning, this card can be used for many different occasions, ranging from a Valentine’s Day note to an expression of sympathy or care.A dragonfly and delicate petals for Valentine's Day.

Masha’s “Heart Balloon Tree” offers a beautiful way to convey love, even in a time of loneliness or melancholy.  A heart balloon in a tree for empathy on Valentine's Day.

Other new “all about the love” cards include: Hills House Red, Bouquet Outfit, Moth Party, Double Butterfly, Best Day Look, Pigeons with Balloons on Power Lines.

With Valentine’s Day so near, it’s a great time to place your individual and wholesale orders so you can warm someone’s mailbox this February!

Let’s meet. Again!

Oh, it’s you! We’re really glad you’re here! Let’s take a moment to meet and greet (before this new year rolls too far along).

Masha D'yans Let's meet. Again!
photo by Lika Brutian

I’m Masha, founder of Masha D’yans Design studio. Since before I could walk I liked to draw/paint/play on the floor and wear cool things. My earliest memory is admiring another baby’s white fluffy coat when I was just a few months old. I guess this means I always was and will be a visual creature (and a hopeless fashion junkie). I moved a lot as a kid (I’m talking neighborhoods first and continents later) so staying in touch with friends and family in those pre-social media days was everything. My favorite thing to do was to send drawings of cool things I saw or ideas I had with my letters. This led me to make unconventional cards and that’s what I still do! My cards are about visual ideas. If they resonate with you or someone you know, just add your message and voila, you’ll make someone’s day! We’re all so busy, but there’s nothing like receiving a little piece of touchable art in the mail or in person, even if it takes just a few minutes to personalize.⠀

xo ⠀
From Masha, with love.

Picture Books: A Fresh Start, Rooted in Beauty

While nature quietly breathes its sleepy winter sighs, we humans are experiencing a bit of an awakening. It’s the New Year, after all; a time for fresh starts and exciting beginnings.

Razzle-Dazzle Ruby pop-up book by Masha D’yans

Gazing Back at the Picture Books of 2017

The New York Times recently published its round-up of 2017’s best-rated picture books, and reading it has inspired and sparked remembrances of our own beginnings. From the honest, childlike wonder in Marc Martin’s A River, to the almost hauntingly whimsical imagery in On a Magical Do-Nothing Day by Beatrice Alemagna, it’s easy to see how children’s books sparked so much inspiration in a young Masha D’yans.

Children’s picture books represent infinitely more than a simple way to learn to read. We have loved them since we could first look and touch, and they have shaped the course of Masha’s  life and career. Picture books provide a way to enjoy both story and art in four dimensions — adding the element of time to the experience. Time to which you can be transported, and years through which you can hold on to a single story.

Looking Forward To Our Own

Masha D'yans Picture Books: A Fresh Start, Rooted in Beauty
sneak-peek of Polka Dot Parade

Now, in 2018, Masha has the pleasure of contributing the visual dimension to two vibrant picture books: Polka Dot Parade: A Book About Bill Cunningham by Deborah Blumenthal, and Flower Talk: How Plants Use Color to Communicate with Animals by Sara Levine. We’re equally joyful about Color Me Enchanted, a collaboration with Masha’s mother, Gala Lazuli. Released in 2017, this intricate coloring book highlights fairy tales from around the world, allowing the owner to contribute to that visual element themselves.

pages from Color Me Enchanted by Masha D’yans + Gala Lazuli

As we look to the New Year, it’s important to remember those beginnings that shaped us so early in our lives, so that we may honor them and continue in what they started.

We wish a Happy New Year to you all, and hope that this year’s beginnings shape your life in the best ways possible.


3 Steps to Meaningful Holiday Correspondence

The way we see it, the holiday season is quite similar to a vibrant piece of art — subject to interpretation, it can spur different kinds of emotions in each individual. Depending on one’s point of view, a snowflake could signal anything from childlike glee to a deep, cold dread.

This is why we adore the idea of sending art in the form of a greeting card; it’s the perfect opportunity to capture what words might not be able to convey alone.

That being said, we do know there’s a blank canvas waiting in that card, and we’d love for it to complete a picture of warmth in the heart of your recipients. If you’re in search of the right words, try mixing the following tips into your holiday correspondence this season!


Gild it with some specifics.

Whether it’s a treasured memory or an inside joke, try including a little morsel of nostalgia or sentiment only the recipient will understand. This is a great way to elevate your message into something intimate and personal.


Is this holiday happy or harrowing?

Holiday cards are a time-honored tradition… but it’s important not to let tradition become impersonal. Before sending, ask yourself: Is this a happy holiday for this person? If not, be sure to acknowledge their feelings in addition to sending your warm thoughts.


Focus on making it meaningful.

Humor can add a fun punch to a holiday card if it’s appropriate, but only if it comes naturally. A few honest, thoughtful words are always more powerful than a cliche or a forced joke.

We’re happy you’re here, and we hope you find the upcoming holiday season infused with warmth and wonder.


Go on now, search to find the perfect card!




Gift Giving

We’re all about making someone’s day here at Below we’ve collected 4 of this year’s hits created by Masha sure to surprise and delight your recipient. Let the gift giving party commence! Just don’t forget the fun holiday cards to go with them!

Gift giving from Masha.

From top down: 1. Color Me Enchanted is an intricate coloring book of fairytales from around the world from Masha D’yans and Gala Lazuli. There’s over 50 artworks to color and display. Available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. 2. Winter Skyline is a pop-up greeting card designed by Masha for MoMA. Express your city love with fun watercolor splatters mixed with metallic ink and glitter details. Available in boxes of 8 from the MoMA store. 3. 2018 Calendar collects 12 of Masha’s painting in a luscious 12×12″ format to display on any wall – a perennial best seller. Available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. 4. Modern Chalet is a pop-up greeting card designed by Masha for MoMA. It features neon and metallic inks for one magically cozy effect. Available in boxes of 8 from the MoMA store.


Spring is in

Say hello to 10 fresh greeting cards to have and to write now! You don’t have to wait til spring to get your paws on these critters, landscapes and rainbows for all occasions. We had a blast painting them and hope you enjoy sending and giving them around for maximum fun. Scroll through all the newbies below or check them out at

Spring is in!
From Masha with Love.

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