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5 Romantic Movies to Snuggle Up to This Valentine’s Day

Candy packages are turning pink (and whispering sultry pleas for you to snag them from the shelves), so we think it’s the perfect time to grab a box of chocolate (and of course a bottle of wine) and snuggle up with one of these five hopelessly romantic movies.


In The Mood For Love -- Block 2 Pictures

In The Mood For Love — Block 2 Pictures

In the Mood for Love

Lush colors, an unforgettable score, and some simply fabulous 1960s costumes make In the Mood for Love a treat for the senses. The stunning emotional detail and smoldering secret glances will hook you as you follow the romance of two neighbors, brought together by their spouses’ infidelities.


Romantic Movies -- Valley Girl

Valley Girl — Atlantic Releasing Corp.

Valley Girl

Sometimes you’ve just got to throw on a pair of leg warmers and get lost in an 80s romance! This quirky punk-rock-rom-drom from 1983 takes the typical “romance from the wrong side of the tracks” storyline and give it a “like, totally tubular” twist. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a super-young Nicolas Cage, right?


Romantic Movies -- Amelie

Amelie — Miramax Films


Hypnotising French dialogue, over-saturated colors, and a sweet, charming love story — Amelie is the cinematic equivalent of cracking into a decadent creme brulee. Follow Amelie — a kind-hearted misfit in Paris — as she helps others, indulges in life, and finds love.


An Affair to Remember - 20th Century Fox

An Affair to Remember – 20th Century Fox

An Affair to Remember

Remember the movie Rosie O’Donnell and Meg Ryan gush over in Sleepless In Seattle? This is that film. Two people fall in love as they cross the ocean, then agree to meet again at the top of the Empire State Building. Classic, romantic, and full of style.


Strictly Ballroom Romantic Movies

Strictly Ballroom — Miramax Films

Strictly Ballroom

Baz Luhrmann (who wrote and directed Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge) got his start with this 1992 Australian film… and it’s easy to see where his whimsical style began. Dancing, dreamy fantasy, lively music — all tangled up into a passionate romance. Watch a rebel dancer change the landscape of local competitive dance, all while he falls in love with an unlikely partner.

We hope you’ve popped some love in the mail and are having a cozy February! 

Now, go on… get romantic, and snuggle up!