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Dad Love

Resplendent June’s here reminding us to celebrate our favorite heroes of the father-variety! Pick a card, any card for the warrior who’s had your back, be it dad, uncle, grandpa, husband, brother, or mom or friend who played the role! They’d all love a fun token of your appreciation. Even if they’d never admit it in public.
greek helmet profile hero dad greeting card by masha dyans

National Stationery Show, let’s go!

As we get ready to attend the National Stationery Show next week, we thought we’d take a walk down memory lane (strewn with plenty of fleurs, of course). Please enjoy a look back at our last show.

Our booth was a light construction, hand-pinned with a myriad of salvaged silk flowers collected from all over and deconstructed by Masha and her mom.

It was a real labor of love and art to compose the blooms into lush compositions of color gradations on the walls. Masha’s idea for light shelving was to use feathers to hold up the cards. Alignment was difficult to achieve by hand but everyone loved the unique effect. Best of all, the cards were the heaviest thing about this booth design.

Lucky number 2345!

Silk petals served as flooring. It was a welcome zen activity to brush them back in place with a small broom after each busy day.

The lighting was a bit harsh for photos, but we spotted many a fake “selfie” being taken in order to photograph our booth design OTDL. That’s a compliment, right?

Let’s not forget about the fashion. All outfits were done by Masha and her incredible mom and incorporated artwork from the cards.

As well as the cards themselves (see hat).

Here’s Masha with friend (and fellow curly girl) Emily McDowell enjoying the show.

See you in NY!

May Flowers Card Showers

May is here with myriad of blooms in tow! Here on, we have a few fruits (and flowers) of our labor to share too – 23 new cards to be exact. They look as good going as they do coming thanks to the lush art on the back as well as the front. Pick some for Mother’s Day and beyond! Welcome May flowers card showers.

May Flowers Card Showers

flowers + cards for mom

Is there a more classic pairing for springtime than flowers + cards?

Living here in California we never cease to be amazed by the endless variety of floral visions that arrive this time of year. You might’ve noticed that Masha returns to blooms over and over again in her watercolors. With so much fresh inspiration every year, what’s not to love? For this Mother’s Day we’re pairing some of our favorite (and new) cards with our dream bouquets. Let’s stop and smell the options.

For the goddess who gave you life, only the most exotic blooms will do – Orchids are a magical flower available in the potted phalaenopsis and dendrobium (or Spray) varieties. Make her day with these beauties from or your local florist.

And for the mother figure in your life (Aunties and Moms-in-law count too!) who’s as warm as sunshine, radiant succulents are a perfect way to show your love. They’re beautiful and require almost no upkeep like this stunner.

Nothing says “I love you mom” like classic roses! Pink roses are used to convey gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude. Light pink blooms are indicative of sweetness and innocence. Deep pink blooms convey deep gratitude, appreciation as well as elegance and grace. Pick your bouquet to tell your mom all that!

If you are more of a do-it-yourself gifter, celebrate your mother this year with a timeless bouquet of wild flowers, harvested from the great outdoors. She’ll appreciate the thought and artistry. Pair your creation with our brand new sweetie of a card!

The Chinese call Peonies the King of flowers or the Flower Fairy. Typically in season from late April to early June, they will be sure to make Queen Mom’s day absolutely beautiful. You could find an artisanal rainbow’s worth at

And of course we can’t forget…the mom-to-be in your life! Freesia, with its simple, elegant multiple blooms along the stem, has long been a symbol of innocence and trust. One of the most fragrant flowers, freesia is perfect when Spring and newness are in the air!

Hello April


We love April in the spring.April Easter Bunny watercolor by Masha D'yans

Hello March

We’re excited to spot the first signs of spring coming all around, while working hard on the next collection of cards for you. What do you have planned for march?march apple blossoms watercolor by masha dyans

Book Launch in Manhattan Beach 2/11!

If you happen to be on the west coast, please come to our book launch event at Dacha in Manhattan Beach this Saturday! Enjoy cocktails by Casamigos tequila, tipsy coloring, music by Pat Restaino and a special appearance by the mystical Sky White Tiger. Our book launch will feature an exhibit of original drawings, one-of-a-kind prints, and signed Color Me Enchanted books. These make lovely gifts for Valentine’s Day and beyond!
Color Me Enchanted Book Launch: February 11, 4-7 PM.
Please [email protected].
Hope to see you there!Color Me Enchanted Book Launch in Manhattan Beach


Here’s a taste from our January New York launch.Color Me Enchanted Book Launch in ManhattanColor Me Enchanted Book Launch in ManhattanColor Me Enchanted Book Launch in ManhattanColor Me Enchanted Book Launch in ManhattanColor Me Enchanted Book Launch in ManhattanColor Me Enchanted Book Launch in Manhattan

Color Me Enchanted Book Launch in Manhattan

Color Me Enchanted Book Launch in Manhattan

Hello February!


We heart February. Love is in the air and spring is within sight! Celebrate Valentine’s day with our romantic cards.braids-heart-masha-dyans

welcome 2017 + new book!

As we ring in the New Year, we’re ecstatic to also welcome our new coloring book!! It’s taken many months of meticulous drawing and designing by Masha and Gala Lazuli, and now Color Me Enchanted is finally here! Released wherever fine books are sold, and at Amazon.

If you’re in New York City, please join us in celebrating our book’s release on Friday, January 13th, at Rumpus Room 249 Eldridge St (at Houston). Come meet the artists and enjoy coloring, cocktails, DJs + dancing. This event is 21+ so bring your fake IDs along with all your friends! There will be a limited number of books for sale + color prints. Please pre-order and bring your own copy if you’d like a guaranteed signed book. We will also have a launch event in LA in February – California legends please stay tuned!

Color Me Enchanted - new book by Masha D'yans + Gala Lazuli

Start your new year off right by escaping into fantasy and meditation, with scenes from 25 global fairy tales to color and display. Unleash your inner artist through the sophisticated and dreamlike pages of this unique coloring book. Drawing inspiration from fairy tales told around the world, our new book lays before you whimsical, magical art filled with fair maidens, dreadful beasts, and enchanted forests. All that’s needed to bring them to life is YOU. So grab whatever medium you prefer and create something spectacular! Color Me Enchanted features more than sixty-five pages to color, perforated pages for easy removal, and as a special bonus – pages that complete a fairyland scene when put together. The final images in the book can be displayed as a grouping to make a large and charming piece of wall art. Gold foil accents on the full-color cover make it a beautiful gift for any occasion all year long!

What new influences and opportunities will be headed your way in 2017? What fresh resources will you be able to draw on? How can you conspire with life to create the best possible future for yourself? These are some questions to meditate on with Color Me Enchanted. Can’t wait to see your magic colors in 2017!
Color Me Enchanted - new book by Masha D'yans + Gala Lazuli

sweet giveaway

Color Me Enchanted GIVEAWAYLove a sweet GIVEAWAY? Here’s the deal UNTIL 1/10/17:

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6. THERE’S MORE! BUY TEN BOOKS AND RECEIVE AN ORIGINAL GICLEE PRINT ON MUSEUM PAPER (like pictured below but it may be a different stunning image) COLORED + SIGNED TO YOU BY THE ARTISTS #MashaDyans + #GalaLazuli!


Let’s do this, unicorns!

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