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A Pink Moon ‘Round the Corner

We’re the biggest fans of finding inspiration in the world around us — and that includes the world above us!

Keeping up with celestial events like meteor showers and full moons is a fun way to stay in touch with our solar system’s breathtakingly whimsical wonders. In fact, coming up on April 29th is a Full Pink Moon, named after the creeping phlox: those perky little pink flowers that tend to crop up this time of year and officially usher in this fresh season.

A pink-themed lunar event? That’s just the right shade of perfect for us!

The color pink is a time-honored classic — whether it’s pale and delicate like the tiniest hint of coral in a vintage string of pearls, or in-your-face like a fuchsia fanny pack. We love it.

Pink, while typically pigeonholed as a “girly” color, is actually a nuanced hue that communicates a rollercoaster of feels — calmness, tenderness, and optimism are just a few. Who doesn’t need more of those things in their life? And some even consider it the most rebel Punk color there’s is!

We’ve got bushels of watercolor cards here at Studio Masha D’yans that celebrate this unforgettable color, as well as some celestial selections if you’re eyes tend to stray to the skies!

Leopards in Roses

Earth tones and vibrant pinks mingle and mix in this mashup of flora and fauna!

Good Vibe Frogs

This fantastic color is front and center in this festive celebration of spring.


Couple in Space

Turn your eyes to the skies and let your imagination frolic among the stars!



We hope you get to enjoy this rosy celestial event!