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Don’t Forget Dad!

He’s the guy who’s there when you need him — whether he’s helping you move into a nest of your own, walking you down the aisle (hello Wedding Season!), or just spotting you that “occasional” $20. And if he’s anything like ours, he doesn’t want to talk about it.

When it comes to celebrating Dad without embarrassing you both, mail is your best friend.

Think about it: you get to show your appreciation without having to make eye contact — and you come out looking like the favorite child. One of these Dad-friendly cards is sure to perk up your old man and build up a stockpile of mutual understanding for the next time you lock your keys in your car and dial his number at 2 AM.

Deer Bird Nest

Deer Tree Dad

Hero Dad

Hero Dad

All Seasons Tree

All Seasons Tree Dad

Now, he may not say it, but we’ll bet you five bucks your Dad would love to have a gift alongside that super-thoughtful card. But don’t worry, we’ve taken the time to round up some appropriately badass gifts to bring a reluctant smile to his eyes.

Drinks by the Dram


Drinks by the Dram Master of Malt

Photo Courtesy: Master of Malt

If your Dad’s got a taste for spirits, it doesn’t get much better than a box-full-o-whisky. Or gin. Or tequila. Or… all three? Browse Drinks by the Dram for the perfect way to butter dad up in preparation for your next birthday.

AWB OneSky Reflector Telescope


Dads and space go together like, well… dads and space, right? Tell him to focus on Jupiter instead of your recent poor financial decisions and you’ll both be winners!

Hummingbird Hammock


We don’t care how old you are, hammocks are the coolest. With this professional-grade hammock, Dad could sleep in a forest… on a mountain… even in a zoo if he was extra sneaky.  

Happy Father’s Day from Studio Masha D’Yans!