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Get Excited for New Spring Greeting Cards!

Look out your window! Now squint a bit… look closer… what do you see?

Buds! Blossoms! Little green shoots! Life!

It’s time to get excited for Spring, don’t you think? It’s a lush, vibrant time to open up the windows and let your tendrils stretch out and discover new friends, refresh connections with old ones, and breathe in some of that dewy, decadent sunshiny breeze.

And you can’t forget about all of the holidays we get to celebrate — St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, and even April Fool’s Day deserve a little greeting card love!

These vibrant spring greeting cards are just a small selection from our 35 brand new, freshly-added designs! Each come with our gorgeous new envelopes stamped in elegant metallic ink. Browse through a few and send a little Spring in the mail!

 Spring Greeting Card Unicorn Field BDay

Unicorn Field Birthday

Gallop out of winter and dance into Spring! This joyful watercolor card is sure to add a lot of whimsy to anyone’s birthday.

Stronger Tree

Nature is often a much-needed medicine, and the Stronger Tree is a good reminder of that. This lush, hopeful card is the perfect way to lift up someone who might need a bit of a boost.

 Spring Greeting Cards Honeyeater Thanks

Honeyeater Thanks

This little honeyeater bird is ready for the sweet flowers of Spring! Send him along to say “Thank You” to someone you love.

 Spring Greeting Cards Health Potion

Health Potion

Sprigs and roots, bubbles and petals… this Health Potion card is a lovely reminder of both the healing powers of nature and the healing powers of correspondence.

Spring Greeting Card Horses Field

Spring Greeting Card Horses Field

Horses In the Field

Spring’s all about new beginnings, blooms, and the sun poking through clouds – definitely things to frolic about! Let these happy horses prance into someone’s heart!

These five Spring greeting cards are only a few petals in a garden of whimsical watercolor fun. Be sure to browse the shop to find new favorites! We hope that this post finds you with the sun shining through your windows and that warm days are on your horizon!