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Wellness Through Greeting Cards

Still working on those New Year’s resolutions? We know — we’re forever chasing those elusive “self-care” goals, too. We also know that personal wellness can mean a lot of different things!



Is it a tall, vibrant green glass of juice? An invigorating pilates sweat-sesh? A calming meditation in your favorite quiet corner?


These (of course, fantastic) methods are familiar — we know that juicing, pilates, and meditation can provide a boost to our mood and health… but what about placing a pen to deliciously-thick paper? Sighing over vibrant artwork — a swash of fuschia or hopeful spring green — before your pen scritch-scratches a message that promises an unexpected smile?


Greeting Cards as Self-Care

Taking a few thoughtful moments to send a greeting card is self-care taken to the next level — it provides a warm boost for both the recipient and the sender.

Think about what it takes to write and send a card. You must stop fixating on things like work or laundry, recall feelings of a specific person, and give a bit of yourself to the page as you craft a small gift of meaningful words. There’s a hypnotic beauty to this, and it becomes a bit of a meditation in itself.

Roland Jouvent, in an article on handwriting for The Guardian, recognizes the romance of the hand-written word:

“There is an element of dancing when we write, a melody in the message, which adds emotion to the text.”

A Win for Wellness


There are many reasons to send a card, especially in times where sympathy and reassurance is needed. In those instances, a card with an intimate, personal touch will make a profound impact.

But there’s no need to wait for a momentous occasion — a simple, “How are your New Year’s resolutions coming?” is a great way to provide motivation to a friend who needs a little pick-me-up. And when you send a pick-me-up, you might be surprised at how refreshed you feel yourself.

Such a nice self-care win/win!