Masha = Watercolor Mischief

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Let’s meet. Again!

Oh, it’s you! We’re really glad you’re here! Let’s take a moment to meet and greet (before this new year rolls too far along).

Masha D'yans Let's meet. Again!
photo by Lika Brutian

I’m Masha, founder of Masha D’yans Design studio. Since before I could walk I liked to draw/paint/play on the floor and wear cool things. My earliest memory is admiring another baby’s white fluffy coat when I was just a few months old. I guess this means I always was and will be a visual creature (and a hopeless fashion junkie). I moved a lot as a kid (I’m talking neighborhoods first and continents later) so staying in touch with friends and family in those pre-social media days was everything. My favorite thing to do was to send drawings of cool things I saw or ideas I had with my letters. This led me to make unconventional cards and that’s what I still do! My cards are about visual ideas. If they resonate with you or someone you know, just add your message and voila, you’ll make someone’s day! We’re all so busy, but there’s nothing like receiving a little piece of touchable art in the mail or in person, even if it takes just a few minutes to personalize.⠀

xo ⠀
From Masha, with love.