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3 Steps to Meaningful Holiday Correspondence

The way we see it, the holiday season is quite similar to a vibrant piece of art — subject to interpretation, it can spur different kinds of emotions in each individual. Depending on one’s point of view, a snowflake could signal anything from childlike glee to a deep, cold dread.

This is why we adore the idea of sending art in the form of a greeting card; it’s the perfect opportunity to capture what words might not be able to convey alone.

That being said, we do know there’s a blank canvas waiting in that card, and we’d love for it to complete a picture of warmth in the heart of your recipients. If you’re in search of the right words, try mixing the following tips into your holiday correspondence this season!


Gild it with some specifics.

Whether it’s a treasured memory or an inside joke, try including a little morsel of nostalgia or sentiment only the recipient will understand. This is a great way to elevate your message into something intimate and personal.


Is this holiday happy or harrowing?

Holiday cards are a time-honored tradition… but it’s important not to let tradition become impersonal. Before sending, ask yourself: Is this a happy holiday for this person? If not, be sure to acknowledge their feelings in addition to sending your warm thoughts.


Focus on making it meaningful.

Humor can add a fun punch to a holiday card if it’s appropriate, but only if it comes naturally. A few honest, thoughtful words are always more powerful than a cliche or a forced joke.

We’re happy you’re here, and we hope you find the upcoming holiday season infused with warmth and wonder.


Go on now, search to find the perfect card!