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Inspiration Couture

This week’s Inspiration Couture post is all about our slight (ahem) obsession with fashion. With one fashion week ending and another seemingly always beginning somewhere in the world (yay), we couldn’t help but find parallels between some of the gorgeously romantic details on the runways and our very our own painstakingly painted flights of fancy in greeting card form. Here are select pairings from the latest collections for your enjoyment. Because why not (isn’t that what internet’s for)?
Inspiration Couture Masha D'yans watercolor greeting card
Dolce & Gabbana gets opulence and killer femininity (that’s why they’re our all time faves)! In their Spring 2015 show, the designers took it to the max with crowns, flowers and gilded Spanish splendor. Masha’a Frida card shows off a similar full-blown reigning queen sensibility.

Inspiration Couture Masha D'yans watercolor greeting card
For your haute folk and Slavic fix go with Valentino Spring 2015 OR our Tractor Birthday card. Russian traditional ornament and style provide a leitmotif for both. Side note – we’re so excited that our friend, and quote en quote lil sisa, Valery Kaufman is modeling the show’s favorite look (she’s in all these shows, come to think of it). If you haven’t read an interview with this fierce kitten in our Fashion Crush you can do so here.

Inspiration Couture Masha D'yans watercolor greeting card
Dior was all irresistible lightness and soulfulness for Spring 2015. Kinda like our Lace Couple card – a perennial favorite for celebrating weddings.

Inspiration Couture Masha D'yans watercolor greeting card
Dolce & Gabbana celebrated Mamas in grand style for Fall 2015! No better subject exists as far as we’re concerned. Don’t forget our similarly outfitted Baby Bump for the fast approaching Mother’s Day (or any day) for a glowing mom-to-be.

Inspiration Couture Masha D'yans watercolor greeting card
Florals are going strong at Chanel Spring 2015 as well as other designers’ collections because they’re never not awesome. And how mind-blowing are the Chanel moving paper garden sets? It took six months to make the 300 flowers. Each of them had its own engine. We’re obsessed. Celebrate the enduring flower power with our Awesome Flowers card.

Haute Couture may be a mostly unattainable fantasy but you can get your paws on our fanciest cards any time in our shop. Truth.

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Inspiration+process: flowering

Ever wonder how #watercolormischief comes about? Here’s a peek at the process as we work on our new spring collection going on press this week and coming soon to our shop! Our 12 Months cards have long been perennial best sellers especially the Cherry Tree Bird so we revisit our (and apparently our esteemed customers’) favorite subject of all time – flowering!magnolia-window-masha-dyans

It all starts with looking out the window. We’re lucky to be treated to endless floral fireworks of every variety year-round here in Los Angeles. The magnificent magnolia tree outside Masha’s studio does this indescribable perfect explosion every January/February and has already inspired last year’s Flowering Deer. It simply cannot be ignored so our vibrant pink tree happily makes it into the new collection in many forms.
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fun with Masha fabric

Chances are you probably heard that we’ve been making #watercolormischief in fiber form with the fabulous Seattle-based Clothworks, who focus on premium quality quilting cotton fabrics masterfully printed in Europe. Look for them in independent quilt and fabric shops all over the United States and internationally. This week we thought we’d highlight the creativity of some of our awesome fabric customers. There are few things as exciting or gratifying as seeing your artwork take on another form and a whole new life. Sew… let’s check out fun with Masha fabric!

This lovely throw pillow was made in the Check Republic using our doodle pattern, found here.
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inspiration: santa on vacation

Santa’s on vacation, resting up before his big night! Allow us to mix a bit of turquoise seas and white sands with the ol’ holiday spirit. We’ve noticed that often we just can’t help going tropical in our Holiday imagery. And why not? It’s the time of the year when all of us could use a sunny escape, most of all the likes of Santa! Here’s a little pictorial from Mexico to get you ready for a white Christmas, or you know, book that trip to Bora Bora. Let your imagination fly with us (first class, of course). Enjoy the vacation slides and happy holidays!
It’s all about that even tan and boyancy! Grab your “Caribbean Santa” in our shop, available here. Read More

Color Inspiration: Purple Pictorial

Masha has been on a mini-sabbatical on the east coast, gathering inspiration from viewing beautiful works of art and nature. In the meantime, we’ve been gathering our own color inspiration from her photos of the rich hues and shades of purple on Plum Island and beyond. Inspired by her new ‘do,’ beautiful jewel-toned beaches and the wide, wild variety of foliage, we wanted to round up a few pieces of watercolor mischief and a mouth-watering pictorial to satisfy your purple craving. Click to see more and get inspired!

You Are Awesome greeting cardYou are awesome! Grab your “Awesome Flowers” in our shop, available here.

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Masha Likes Cards!

You like cards? Masha likes cards! Ever wonder what she pops in the mailbox when she’s not cooking up some watercolor mischief? We’ve collected just a few works by some of Masha’s favorite greeting card companies as a shout-out to the best of the best in paper and ink. Sending a handwritten note on the perfect card, giving a note with a gift, or just keeping a few around for inspiration is sure to inspire just about anyone–so take a look below, and don’t forget to jot these down!

masha likes cards

1. Party Bear by Jon Klassen for Red Cap Cards, $3.95 2. Time to Choose by David Shrigley for Polite Cards, £2.90 3. What’s Up Moles by Fugu Fugu Press, $5.00 4. Flowering Heart by Xenia Taler, $4.50 5. Work Of Art by Ashkahn, $6 6. Marc Boutavant Bicycle Postcard from Nineteen Seventy Three, £2.25

Summer Color Palette + Mood Board

A Masha Summer Color Palette

Summer is in full bloom and we’ve been noticing some patterns around here. Some colors are just synonymous with the season, and we are really loving this ripe palette! The nature of watercolor is subtlety–but the colors of summer are anything but. The yellows and greens of the bright sun and hot-weather flora, plus the cool blues of shimmering skies and waves, the glow of a brand new harvest. Some watercolors above by Masha D’yans plus this year’s card styles and 2015 calendar. Take a look at this Masha Summer Color Palette + Mood Board:

A Masha Summer Color Palette Moodboard

Botanicus Plums, $4.00
Beach Bums, $4.00
Cosmos, $4.00
Masha D’yans 2015 Calendar


house tour on apartment therapy


Our house (aka Masha D’yans Design lab and factory HQ) is featured on Apartment Therapy for your viewing pleasure! We’ll be so totally beside ourselves if you come visit. Ding dong!

couture-inspired cards

Galina Sokolova, a phenomenal fashion illustrator (and Masha’s mom), did a series of couture-inspired cards for us. You can prereorder now for early June shipping and share in high style! We’re obsessed.