Masha = Watercolor Mischief

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Pictorial: National Stationery Show, 2015

Crazy days at the National Stationery Show in New York City this week! We wanted to bring all of you, attendees and absentees alike, a pictorial of our booth, plus little peeks at some friends and lovely booths around the exposition.


Our booth was a floral explosion: flower bombing and watercolor mischief encouraged. Turns out you don’t need paint to make watercolor washes – flowers work too! Besides showing off our style, we had the opportunity to hob-knob with many brilliant greeting card and stationery designers, fans, retailers and paper enthusiasts. We are pleased as punch with the outcome and can’t wait to browse Instagram to see more of the #NSS2015 photos. In the meantime, here are some of our booth, plus snapshots we borrowed of other fun exhibitors at the show. Be sure to click on their Instagram accounts to see more. Thank you, New York!

Masha D'yans Booth at the National Stationery Show 2Flower bomb! NSS 2015Masha D'yans Booth at the National Stationery Show 2Masha D'yans Booth at the National Stationery Show 3Masha D'yans Booth at the National Stationery Show 4Masha D'yans Booth at the NSS 2015Masha D'yans Booth at the National Stationery Show 6Masha Outfits GaloreEgg Press FriendsEgg Press friends!

Antiquaria Booth, NSS 2015 Via Antiquaria Design’s Instagram

fugu Fugu press, NSS, 2015Via Fugu Fugu Press’s Instagram

Ashkahn NSS, 2015Catalog Via Ashkahn’s Tumblr

NSS PeepsAshkahn, Carrie of Red Cap Cards, Ebony from Snow & Graham, Emily McDowell, Xenia Taler, Felix Doolittle, B.T. Elements, Dee & Lala and Fugu Fugu Press!

Ink Meets Paper, National Stationery Show Booth 2015Via Ink Meets Paper’s Instagram

The Social Type, NSS 2015Via The Social Type’s Instagram

Assembly of Text NSS 2015The Assembly of Text via Soul Paper’s Instagram

Rifle Paper Company, NSS 2015Via Rifle Paper Company’s Instagram

Crown and Canary Booth, NSS, 2015Via Crow and Canary’s Instagram, featuring our good pals, Red Cap Cards

Iron Curtain Press Booth, NSS 2015 Via Iron Curtain Press’s Instagram