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Objects of Desire: Pastel Perfection

Not sure what to style your Masha cards with? We’ve got the best of the best, in a new series featuring our favorite, trés chic accoutrement! Up first, check out our picks for Objects of Desire: Pastel Perfection. From Stella Mccartney to macaronage–consider your watercolor correspondence safely in line with only the best of the best.
Objects of Desire: Pastel Perfection1. Yes, please! Grab some dreamy watercolor mischief with the brand new Bouquet Unicorn. $4, available in our shop.

2. Pastel perfection indeed–these sugary treats from Lauderée are most definitely objects of desire.

3. Light blue melange! An animal knit set for the most fashionable of bebé, from H&M.

4. Eau de Bonpoint: a delicate blend of elegant, floral notes of orange blossom and petitgrain evoking scents of the garden of the Hesperides. Oui, oui!

5. Pastel adhesives–most definitely useful in every area of life. Pastel washi tape, available on Etsy.

6. The queen of pastel perfection: Stella Mccartney. The acorn all-in-one in dusty rose (wish she’d make it in our size).

7. “It’s useful being top banana in the shock department.” Make your own Holly-Go-Lightly (only more lash-tacular) sleep mask with this pattern, available on Etsy.

8. Fuji nails muted style nowadays–the prettiest camera in the world. Instax Mini 8 in a variety of colors.