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New Year New Cards part 2

New Year New Cards continues with five more beauties for your consideration!
Firstly, think pink (for spring and beyond) and greet beautifully. Sometimes – nay, we’d say, often – you just need a card with many a pretty flower to say ‘Happy Birthday.’ The delicate and fresh painting of Magnolia Branches will brighten anybody’s special day while expressing your tenderness and refined taste.
New Year New Cards B37 Magnolia Branches Birthday by Masha D'yans

Up for adoption: cute-overload floral kitty or puppy for your birthday boy or girl! The adorable choice is yours.New Year New Cards 4 new watercolor greeting cards from Masha D'yans
If you have a lovely someone to thank, nothing is more time-tested than a fresh bouquet – send one that never wilts today!

For a more difficult occasion Masha’s new sympathy card will convey your heart-felt sorrow in an elegant and respectful way. Like a delicate snow flurry of a starry night.

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