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Halloween Fun

October is one of our best-loved months for so many reasons: the colors, the harvest, the romantic nip in the air, the opportunity to add creative layers to the wardrobe and, above all, Halloween! It’s up there on our list of favorite holidays — after our birthdays, of course. It’s a time when we can let our fashion freak flags fly in a way that might not be appropriate on most other days of the year. In this post we’re rounding up some of our favorite Masha Halloween looks for your viewing pleasure, and possible inspiration — leave your “I don’t know what to be for Halloween” excuses at home. Let the countdown to the dress-up parade begin!

Halloween fun - new kraft envelopes for Masha cards.
Our cards are suiting up too with brand new cozy Kraft envelopes that feel so right for the season. The warm neutral color lets the vibrant artwork pop. Find more Masha halloween mischief here.

jesus mary halloween costume by Masha D'yans
Polychrome Jesus and Mary – last Halloween this pair of minutely-detailed religious statues won best costume! In true Masha fashion, everything was DIY’d “mostly from 99 cent store materials and stuff around the house. Those crowns took a lot of engineering to be lightweight and dance-floor safe.”

Tenenbaums halloween costume by Masha D'yans
It’s all in the details when recreating key looks from the cult classic The Royal Tenenbaums (down to the lit cigarette quickly fashioned from a drinking straw, a bandaid and a piece of crumpled tissue highlighted with marker). Plus we welcome any excuse to change hair color for a night.

Yolandi Visser halloween costume by Masha D'yans
It’s truly Rocktober with our fave Zef princess ¥o-landi Vi$$er flanked by Masha-styled Devendra Banhart (from his gypsy chic days) and your classic London punk. Note the actually bleached eyebrows – we’re all about full commitment.

Victorian rodents halloween costume by Masha D'yans
Evoking Victoriana along with city rodents right before Sandy hit New York.

Dune halloween costume by Masha D'yans
Jump to the future with Shani and Paul Atreides from Dune. The sleeper has SO awakened.

Pierrot kabuki halloween costume by Masha D'yans
This colorful Pierrot was inspired by the peerless John Galliano and Pat McGrath, pictured here with a Kabuki samurai (also Masha created) and a pair of French mimes. Très amusant, nest-pas?

black widow halloween costume by Masha D'yans
One of the best things about this silent film take on a Black Widow spider/femme fatale are the googly eyes on the DIY chapeau!

Amy Winehouse halloween costume by Masha D'yans
The late great Amy Winehouse is a forever inspiration.

What shall we be next?