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photo: Jordon Nuttall

This is Masha. She’s been inseparable from a brush dipped in various mark-making substances since age two. In 2002 this Russian-born New York artist launched a greeting card company based on her life-long passion for painting. Her playful watercolors draw inspiration from nature, fashion, calligraphy, Japanese art and her native fairy tales. Her method and work evoke a child’s imagination with euphoric abandon, everyday mystery, and the beauty of imperfection. Masha’s cards, as well as a growing list of products, have found many fans through stores such as Barneys NY, Louis Boston and Neiman Marcus as well as in lines developed for MoMA, Urban Outfitters and Target.

Masha D’yans Design strives to touch the hearts and minds all over the world, to promote beauty, abandon the mundane, greet the child within, pause and play, find a surprise, delight the senses.